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Introduction (pdf): Borderlines in Time of Globalization (Gerhard Preyer, Mathias Boes)

I Reconceptionalizations of the Global: Borderlines in World Society

Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt
The Continual Reconstruction of Multiple Modern Civilizations and Collective Identities

Christopher Chase-Dunn
Globalization: A World-Systems Perspective

Thomas D. Hall
World-Systems, Frontiers, and Ethnogenesis: Incorporation and Resistance to State Expansion

Richard E. Lee
After History? The Last Frontier of Historical Capitalism

II Defining Borderlines in World Society: The Emergence of New Memberships

Gerhard Preyer
Globalization and the Evolution of Membership

Barrie Axford
Enacting Globalization: Transnational Networks and the Deterritorialization of Social Relationships in the Global System

Mathias Bös
Immigration and the Open Society: The Normative Patterns of Membership in the Nation State

Uta Gerhardt, Birgitta Hohenester
A Transformation of National Identity? Refugees and German Society After World War II

Marja Keränen
Citizenship, Universal-Speak, and Local-Speak



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III The Global and the Local: The Collapse and Reconstruction of Borderlines

Christie Davies, Eugene Trivizas
The Collapse of the National Morality and National Moral Boundaries of Small Peripheral Countries: not Globalisation but the Imposition of Liberty

Walter L. Bühl
Former GDR between "Transformation" and "Social Evolution"

F. Peter Wagner
Beyond "East" and "West": On the European and Global Dimensions of the Fall of Communism

Ramón Grosfoguel
‘Cultural Racism' and ‘Borders of Exclusion' in the Capitalist World-Economy: Colonial Caribbean Migrants in Core Zones

Francisco Entrena
Socio-Economic Restructurings of the Local Settings in the Era of Globalization

On a Sociology of Violence

Konrad Thomas
Ein anderes Verständnis von Gewalt: Der gesellschaftsanalytische Beitrag des Literaturwissenschaftlers René Girard

Critical Review:
ProtoSciology, Vol. 12, 1998-Special Edition: After the Received View. Developments in the Theory of Science, George N. Schlesinger

Vol. 15, 2001

On a Sociology of Borderlines:
Social Process in Time of Globalization