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Contents – Abstracts (pdf)

Introduction: Contemporary Directions and Research in World-Systems Analysis
Richard E. Lee and Gerhard Preyer

New Directions in World-Systems Analysis

Global Democracy: A World-Systems Perspective
Christopher Chase-Dunn and Terry Boswell

Material Spatialities of Cities and States
Peter J. Taylor

Culture as a World System
Göran Therborn

Contemporary Research in
World-Systems Analysis

A Note on Method with an Example – The “War on Terror”
Richard E. Lee

Path-Dependency, Stocks, Switching-Points, Flows: Reflections on Long-term Global Change and Local Opportunities
Denis O’Hearn

Atlantic History and World Economy: Concepts and Constructions
Dale Tomich




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Culture in the World-System

Multi-Dimensionality, Mutual Constitution and the Nature of Systemness: The Importance of the Cultural Turn in the Study of Global Systems
Barrie Axford

Ethnicity and Religion: Structural and Cultural Aspects of Global Phenomena
Mathias Bös

Multiple Modernities and Globalization
Gerard Delanty

Diaspora History Construction and Slave Culture Formation on Small U.S. Plantations
Wilma A. Dunaway

The Dialogue between Cultures or between Cultural Interpretations of Modernity – Multiple Modernities on the Contemporary Scene
Shmuel N. Eisenstadt

Culture and its Politics in the Global System
Jonathan Friedman

National Identity and Globalization: Policy Paths and the Process of Reimagining Community
Frank J. Lechner

On Contemporary Philosophy

Simulation Theory on Conceptual Grounds
Brie Gertler

Unconventional Utterances? Davidson’s Rejection of Conventions in Language Use
Mason Cash

Moral Realism, Supervenience, Externalism and the Limits of Conceptual Metaphor
Ron Wilburn

Eine neue Theorie der Kooperation
Gerhard Preyer

Development – Paradox, Paralysis and Praxis
Robert Kowalski

Vol. 20, 2004

World-System Analysis:
Contemporary Directions and Research

Edited by Richard E. Lee and Gerhard Preyer