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Introduction: The Paradigm of Multiple Modernities - PDF (Gerhard Preyer)

Part I: Multiple Modernities and Structural Differentiation

1 Multiple Modernities: The Basic Framework and Problematic

2 The Dialogue between Cultures or between Cultural Interpretations of Modernity—Multiple Modernities on the Contemporary Scene

3 Social Division of Labor, Construction of Centers and Institutional Dynamics: A Reassessment of the Structural-Evolutionarys Perspective

4 Transformation and Transposition of the Thematic of Multiple
Modernities in the Era of Globalization

Part II: Religion, Ascriptive Solidarity and Collective Identity

5 The Protestant Ethic and Modernity— Comparative Analysis
with and beyond Weber

6 The Transformations of the Religious Dimension in the
Constitution of Contemporary Modernities

7 The Religious Origins of Modern Radical Movements

8 Cultural Programs, The Construction of Collective Identities
and the Continual Reconstruction of Primordiality



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Part III: The Initial and the New Research Program

9 A Sociological Approach to Comparative Civilizations: The
Development and Directions of a Research Program 1986

10 Collective Identities, Public Spheres and Political Order:
Modernity in the Framework of A Comparative Analysis of
Civilizations Report for 1955–2002
With the collaboration of Tal Kohavi, Julia Lerner, Ronna


S. N. EisenstadtList of the Major Publications

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Volume 24

Shmuel N. Eisenstadt: Multiple Modernities –
A Paradigm of Cultural and Social Evolution