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On Contempary Theory of Modernisation

Multiple Modernities and the Theory of Indeterminacy– On the Development and Theoretical Foundations of the Historical Sociology of Shmuel N. Eisenstadt
Manussos Marangudakis

Changing China: Dealing with Diversity

Dissent of China’s Public Intellectuals in the Post-Mao Era
Merle Goldman

Modernization of Law in China – its Meaning, Achievements, Obstacles and Prospect
Qingbo Zhang

China’s State in the Trenches: A Gramscian Analysis of Civil Society and Rights-Based Litigation
Scott Wilson

Manufacturing Dissent: Domestic and International Ramifications of China’s Summer of Labor Unrest
Francis Schortgen and Shalendra Sharma


Neoliberalism and the Changes in East Asian Welfare and Education

Business Opportunities and Philanthropic Initiatives: Private Entrepreneurs, Welfare Provision and the Prospects for Social Change in China
Beatriz Carrillo Garcia

Time, Politics and Homelessness in Contemporary Japan
Ritu Vij

Educational Modernisation Across the Taiwan Straits: Pedagogical Transformation in Primary School Moral Education Textbooks in the PRC and Taiwan
David C. Schak

Is China Saving Global Capitalism from the Global Crisis?
Ho-fung Hung

On Contemporary Philosophy

International Development, Paradox and Phronesis
Robert Kowalski

Précis of “The World in the Head”
Robert Cummins

Communication, Cooperation and Conflict
Steffen Borge

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Vol. 29/2012

China's Modernization II