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The Relation of Language to Value
Yi Jiang and Ernie Lepore

I. Semantic and Ontology

Refutation of the Semantic Argument against Descriptivism
Bo Chen

Semantics for Nominalists
Samuel Cumming

Presupposition and Semantic Minimalism
Adam Sennet

Compositionality and Understanding
Fei Yuguo

Values Reduced to Facts: Naturalism without Fallacy
Zhifang Zhu

II. Word Meaning, Metaphor, and Truth

Philosophical Investigations into Figurative Speech Metaphor and Irony
Ernest Lepore and Matthew Stone

Norms of Word Meaning Litigation
Peter Ludlow

 The Inconsistency of Identity Thesis
Christopher Hom & Robert May

Describing I-Junction
Paul Pietroski

Predicates of Taste and Relativism about Truth
Barry Smith

Mood Force and Truth
Wiliaml Starr

A Semiotic Understanding of Thick Terms
Aihua Wang


III. Features of China's Analytical Philosophy

An Echo of the Classical Analytic Philosophy of Language from China: the Post-analytic Philosophy of Language

The Chinese Language and the Value of Truth-seeking: Universality of Metaphysical Thought and Pre-Qin Mingjia’s Philosophy of Language
Limin Liu

M-that And Metaphor Of Love In Classical Chinese Poetry
Ying Zhang


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Vol. 31/2014

Language and Value

Edited by Yi Jiang and Ernest Lepore (abstracts)